Future-proof Concepts for Web Design

“Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of future events” – Wikipedia

To future-proof a website saves time and ultimately money. It should be a fundamental condition of any website commissioned. The need to future-proof has demonstrated by the recent actions taken by Google. For searches undertaken on mobile devices Google are penalising websites that are not mobile friendly.

How do you future-proof?

To future-proof a website you need to take into account the following.

  • Platform – Have your website built on a platform that which is regularly updated. This not only protects it from advances in web technology but also takes advantage of it.
  • Content – Keep your website fresh. Having a website with an inbuilt Content Management System allows new content such as images and text to be easily added and old content updated.
    Content should read well. It should not be written in order to try and gain an advantage in page rankings. The algorithms search engines use are being updated continually. You WILL get penalised at some point if you are not being honest.
  • Aesthetics – Avoid trying to be contemporary. What might look good today may well start to look dated in a couple of years. If you keep the design clean and simple it will still look good in 5 years. A perfect example is the Any .do website. Their App is equally well designed and my favourite.
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